Small Group Training

Small Group Training

Get the benefits of personal training and group training all in one! These groups take up to five people at a time. You will share your personal fitness and nutrition goals with your trainer and get working! Your trainer will provide you with advice and workouts on what to do on the days you are not with your group and can't make it to boot camp! Space is limited.

Click to sign our Small Group Training Waiver Here before starting your program.

Daniel Island, SC Schedule:  *Mary's Healthy Home Gym

Monday: 5:45am-6:30am (waiting list) / 7am-7:45 (OPEN!)
Tuesday: 7am-7:50 /8:30am - 9:20(waiting list)
Wednesday: 5:45am-6:30(waiting list)/ 7am-7:45 (OPEN!)
Thursday: 8:30am - 9:20 (waiting list) / 7am-7:50 (OPEN)
Friday: 5:45am-6:30(waiting list)

Pick a Session:

Package Options are Monthly & due by 5th of month. Members commit to time slot(s) with the flexibility of 1 pre-scheduled make-up with-in the month at another time slot.

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