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Quick and Healthy Snack and Breakfast Ideas

Yes, that is me enjoying a delicious chocolate cake and some red wine on Valentine's day with my husband. (I swear he ate most of it!) Those who know me well, know that I have a sweet tooth. I will skip a meal and run right to dessert when given the chance. However, through time, education and a lot of mindful work, the run to sweets has become much more controlled in quantity and quality (most of the time). It has been a long journey, but I am proud to say balance is slowly being reached with learning to enjoy a little of the right quality and in the right quantity. I am an emotional eater and learn to work with it every day. 

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Benefits of Pilates in Motherhood

Pilates, what is it really all about?

No one can dispute that Pilates has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and a half or so. The interest started to pick up amongst mainstream fitness enthusiasts from late 1990s and since then has increased more than ten fold and there are now over 10 million people practicing Pilates just in Unites States alone.

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The Coffee Debate… and my love/hate relationship

Did you know that there have been over 19,000 studies done to research the health impact of coffee? How does one go about filtering through those studies to show which one is good, valid, worth sharing and believing? Most of us will read just enough to get the answer that we are looking for. Healthy!? Sounds great to me!

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Believe and Dream

Wow! We have been waiting a lifetime to introduce the world to Gaia Fit. Have you ever wanted something so bad, but didn’t know you wanted it until it hit you on the head – hard!?  Gaia Fit has been a long time coming and we have so much in store for you this year and many years to come.

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