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To the non-runner, runner

Dear Non-Runner, Runner,

You know who you are. You run, but you really don't. Maybe you run/walk. You run solo for fear of the pressure to keep up with others. You think you are too slow to call yourself a runner. You like other parts of fitness, so can't exactly call yourself a runner. You think, Garmin what? Apple Watch who? Flip Belt? You mean that ugly fanny pack you call a running, fuel something? You only run 1, 2, maybe 3 miles and would never dare do a 5K. I know you. I am you. I was you. Sometimes I am still you. 

Let's have a little talk.

I want you to stand up tall and say, "I run! I am a runner!" Shout it from the roof top. Shout it from your porch. Put it on your Facebook status. Post it with a picture of your old, faded, crappy running sneakers on Instagram. 

And then...

Stop Apologizing!

Stop apologizing for being too slow. Stop apologizing for not going as far. Stop apologizing period.

There is more...

No more feeling bad and making excuses. So you don't have the latest gear and never ever felt that runner's high. You just run because it is good for you. Maybe it is your only quiet time. Maybe it is the easiest thing for you to do - Put on sneakers, walk out the door, move. Good for you! Oh and the making excuses part. Stop. Just be you. Run like you and have fun. If you are not feeling it and just happy you are moving? Do your best and be proud of it. Own it. Own you. Own the runner in you. What is that saying? You are lapping everyone on the couch? Yes. You are. 

And a little bonus for you for you non-runners that maybe want to do that 1 mile fun run, 5K, 10K even had fleeting thoughts of a half or holy yowzas a full! You can do it! And best part is guess what!? All those people you call real runners will be your best cheerleaders no matter what distance and what pace. Yes! They will!  If they aren't cheering you on and judging you instead, they are the ones who are not really runners.

Lace up your shoes. Grab your old school walkman and let's do this thing fellow runner!

Your friend and cheerleader (A.K.A - the former non-runner, runner)



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