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Time to be Bold. Share your Dream.

Let's shout our dream from the rooftop and then go get them! This is unfiltered and 100% me passionatly rambling from the heart. 

When I rattle off my use to be answers to the questions...

What do you want to be when you grow up?

How will you change the world?

I said them because I admire every single one of those professions and when used in greatness can and do change the world. My problem was I didn't feel them. I said them because I thought that was the right answer. The answer others wanted to hear. It was what I was "suppose" to say. Does that make sense?

How often do we do that in life still? That is one of the main points I would love for others get out of this. Stay true to your heart. Take your time and find your passion, love and energy. It doesn't have to come in a perfectly wrapped package at the perfect time. Life doesn't happen that way. Forget Whole Foods, I am coming to you from Walmart. 

Shaklee is an amazing vehicle and fits so perfectly, perfect with creating health and a healthier life for everyone and anyone! 

Why I Shaklee...

It is a company that walks the talk and talks the walk.
It is a company that doesn't follow trends.
It is a company that stays true to purity, quality, nature and science.
It provides the right nutrition for me, my family, friends, and clients. 
It allows me the opportunity of flexible hours.
It provides a safer alternative to Gatorade (yep, sometimes, it is that simple).
It gives me the energy I need to keep up with two active boys. 
It shares the opportunity and luxury of a free car and travel
It shares motivational and inspirational training that has already changed my life. 
It provides all of this for anyone and everyone looking to build a healthy life and lifestyle. 
It works with you wherever you are! Yes! Even in the Walmart parking lot!

With Shaklee, I can change the world AND help others change the world! When we create and foster health in ourselves and in others, we cultivate an environment of love, passion and energy. That is a world I want to be a part of! #whyishaklee




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