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Covid 19 Transformation Kick Start

Covid 19 Transformation Kick Start

Oh no you don't.

You are not using Covid 19 as an excuse for this one. 

This Transformation is made to kick Covid 19 in the butt and meet you right where you are - RIGHT NOW. 

We all need a RE-EVALUATION or better yet...


We are not the same people we were 3 months ago.
The world is not the same place it was 3 months ago.

We need to be gentle and kind with a lot of GRACE; yet, GRATEFUL with a whole lot of GRIT! 

We took our beautiful Transformation Program and developed a rediscover KICK START for you. 

One week at a time.
One action at a time - made by you.
Educated and Coached by me.
Accountability and Motivation by the group.

Let's get to the details:
Program will Run June 22-July 30

  • Weekly Coaching Calls every Tuesday at 8pm
  • Coaching Call format: 10min nutrition & fitness education/ 10 minute habit & action step break down / 15-30 minute Q&A coaching session
  • Unlimited Personal Text Support
  • Weekly Email Education & Recipe Sharing
  • GroupMe Group Support Forum
  • We will address fitness, nutrition & lifestyle.
  • Bonus Week: June 15th - Discovery Coaching
This program is about recognizing and discovering the habits that are not serving you and then breaking them up into small step by step realistic action steps that will serve your mind, body and spirit. 

It is not about fast weight loss. It is not about weight loss. However, if we recognize the truth - when we do all of the above, it will help us reach our healthy ideal weight and help us feel powerful and strong in our own skin and in our life! 

You will leave with tools that will serve you moving forward not just a plan that stops and you say - now what?

Give yourself what it needs to match this season in your life by JOINING THE TRANSFORMATION KICK START! 

Our Group Programs have typically gone for $200-$300; however, we recognize the times we are in and want to serve you to be better! We are offering this program for $100 though June 15. It will then go to $200.


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