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Are you sitting in Trash?

That board. Up there. Yes. I broke it. Twice. With my own hands. Nothing else. 

For all my martial arts friends, you know the technique needed. You also know once you know the technique, the rest is all in your head. Yep. All upstairs. Unfortunately, a lot of us have more crap up there than we would like to admit. All that crap equals a lot of road blocks. Road blocks we didn't even know existed. There are times we can push them out of the way and there are times they just keep coming back. Stopping us in our tracks. 

Time for my confession. I am no different. I have a lot of... Let's just call it "stuff." And I am going to use the word stuff in honor of a middle school science teacher. He hated the word stuff and we would hear it if we said it in the context not recognized in the dictionary quite yet at the time. We might have even had to look it up in the dictionary. I am sure he is cringing these days because one quick google search (a.k.a the new dictionary) and you will find several definitions for the word to validate the way we used it as children and it is commonly used now.

Let's play with this word for a bit though because it is exactly what is stuck in our head. Using our good old Merriam Webster for our definition, scroll down to 4 b.

writing, discourse, talk, or ideas of little value :  trash

How many of you let the trash circulate round and round in your head and stop you from doing things in life? From the little things to the big things, I know I do. Sometimes, I get so annoyed at myself that it took me way into my adulthood to start pushing the trash out or at least moving it to the side.

We can come up with all these deep routed childhood memories of why we have the trash up there. Some of us have some real valid crap that caused all the stuff to stick around and pile up. Some of us really just need to move on and push the trash to the side, climb over it, tunnel through it. Something. Do something and lets get really real with ourselves. For many of us, it is stupid stuff we hold on to. We can psychoanalyze ourselves and rationalize every reason it is real, we need to talk about it, work through it or we can see it for what it is. Look at it for the stuff, crap, trash it is. Pick it up, get rid of it and move forward. 

To be clear, like I said, I know some of you have some real sh$t up there to push through. But more of us than would like to admit have the stupid sh$t we let sit up there, mold and become apart of us. If you read my booty short post several years ago, you will know, I allowed some really stupid things to mold and rot up there. I sat with it. Faced it and worked through it. Through some time and breaking through that damn board, I finally realized... Get. Over. It.

My first world problems are nothing more - first world problems. It is one thing to know this, it is another thing to act on it. Am I making sense? 

Some of you are even rationalizing right now as you read this that your stuff is bigger and worse and no one really understands. It may be big and we can always find someone that has "lesser" problems.

But really!? Do you really want to sit on that? Really?

I sat down to write about this amazing breakthrough experience I had at an amazing conference in the beginning of the month and as I wrote, I realized, It is about darn time. However, it is also time to cut the fluff and help others cut the fluff. Stop sitting in your own trash. You are in control. No one else.

What do you want?

What do you believe in?

What do you need to do to get there?

Move the stuff out of the way. Get rid of it and start moving forward.

It is no fun sitting in a big old pile of crap. So why do we do it? Get out. Brush yourself off. You might have to make this active intentional step - Every. Single. Day. Start doing it. It can be with one piece at a time, but start moving it.

Get up and do something today. Do something with purpose and intention.

Start living.

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