Part 2: What are you running away from?

Posted on December 20, 2015 by Mary Patterson

Have you thought about it? 

Have you tried to relate it to yourself?

Have you figured out what your running TO?

I think this is when the crazy addiction starts. When you have that break through moment and have run past the garbage that takes over your mind, body, soul and you feel the strength, love, happiness, passion, commitment, determination... even if you just feel a glimpse of it, you want it. You want more of it. 

Guess what? The best part is that you don't have to run a marathon to get TO it. For some, running around the block once is a huge feat. Start there. For others who maybe run consistently, but have never crossed the starting line of an "official" 5K or run along side with others because it requires you to put yourself out there. 

I challenge you to put yourself out there. 

For me, I know a second marathon is in my future, but I know not for a while. However, I am determined to not let all I have learned stay on that race course. I will take it with me and apply it to my life, work, relationships, family. I will let my body recover from the distance and plan on changing it up and practice building up strength, speed and recovery. 

The two work together. They work together in running AND in life. 

There were two reasons I decided to train for a marathon - something I have been reminded repeatedly over the past month that I said I would NEVER do. 

  1. Natural Nutrition and Fueling: There is no reason to fuel the body to perform, but hurt it long term health wise with artificial, inflammatory, toxic foods and supplements -- ever.
  2. Get out of my comfort zone and reach for something beyond what I know I can do. I have (HAD) this habit of getting so close to a goal and then stopping with contentment, "almost" there or just setting goals I knew I could achieve. 

Number one, I knew I could do. Number two, was something that I finally got so fed up with myself that it was time. Life is good and content and filled with happiness at the edge of the comfort zone. But why settle? I spend every day challenging others to try to reach beyond and go just a little further each time. It was time I challenged myself and REALLY challenged myself.

It was hard and it hurt - physically and emotionally. However, it is a funny thing when you decide you are going to do something. I spent the month before the marathon dealing with an injury that I am still working on and I spent a lot of time talking it over with my husband on deciding to delay the marathon and rehab or go for it. There is a huge gray area here and I could have gone either way. I tried to think about what I would tell someone else to do.

In the end, I knew myself. For me, I knew I had to at least try. If the injury took over I would be smart about it. There were some very sketchy times.

Mile 12 will be etched in my heart and soul for ever. The marathoners just split from the half marathoners and I just saw my family and was feeling great. As soon as I slowed to go through a water station, my knee totally locked up on me and it was hard to even just walk. The old me would have let the voices saying, "You can turn around now. You gave it a try. You can't walk like this through the next 13 plus miles." But that was intermixed with anger and frustration too. "Seriously, now. No! Not Now!" (A couple of F-bombs may have been thrown in there too. OK a lot of F-bombs were thrown in there).

I did something that I never allowed myself to do. I got angry. Real angry. At some point through that anger, I decided, "Not today."

Not today was I going to allow myself to stop because it hurt. 

Not today was I going to talk myself into the easy way.

Not today was I going to settle.

I know many of you are saying, but if it hurts you have to play it smart. Do what is right for your body in the long term. And if you have worked with me, it is the advice I often give. However, I always "play it smart."

When I decided, 


I made up my mind. I fought through a little stretching and walking and trying to run and after what seemed like 20 minutes (but was really only 5 minutes). I found a way. I found a way to work through it. And I did that at least 3 more times over the course of the rest of the marathon. 

I made up my mind that I was going to FINISH. 

It was not easy. There was a lot more negative talk, a lot more F-bombs; yet, there were also moments of pure joy and feelings I am not sure I will ever be able to describe. 

This may have been the first time in my life where I fought through the pain, allowed myself to truly feel -- feel everything in it's purity. And now I am left thinking, what the heck (or what the F-bomb) took me so (F-bomb) long? And guess what, there is no turning back because it is simply and purely Amazing and I want more of it!

More of it in life, relationships, work, love...

Amazing doesn't have to come from a marathon, but for me it did.

How will you create your amazing?

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