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Boot Camp for a Year Check In 2

Jennifer Green, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Average Classes Attended: 2 classes per week
I would have loved to be able to go more this summer, but with the kids out of school, it made it difficult.
Average Calories Burned:

994 estimated boot camp calories burned per week.

Performance Improvements:
My goal was to be able to do 15 triceps push-up on my toes - still not there, but getting stronger and I have improved my range of motion when doing squats. (Improvement still needed, but I am getting there)

Nutritional Improvements:
I have increased my water intake, but I have to admit that summer has been difficult because of lack of planing on my part & mindless eating!

Short Term Goals:
1.  Triceps push-up - 15 on toes
2.  5 pull ups without help of bands (purchased pull bar)
3.  Lose the summer 5lbs I gained
4.  Run the  Kiawah 1/2 marathon in Dec. under 1hr 54min
5.  Eat clean, increase water intake & keep a food journal
6.  Destroy my husband in the Mega Med Run in September

Long Term Goals:
1.  Be in the best shape by age 40 & stop gaining the summer weight each year
2.  Run the DC Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon - March 2014
3.  Run the Disney Dopey Challenge at age 40
4.  Run in the FL Ragnar Relay with Missy, Michelle & Angie
5.  Eat clean 85% of the time




Karen Verbenko, Highlands, NJ

Average Classes Attended: 1 class/week
I have found it difficult to get to a second class a week, but I do try my best.  If I don’t make it to a mid-week class, I exercise at home to a video or take a long bike ride.  I’ve been having some knee issues and with the knee pain, I have lost a bit of my motivation.  But reminding myself how good I felt and the way my (smaller) clothes feel, is giving me the motivation back. 

Average Calories Burned:
497 estimated boot camp calories burned per week

Performance Improvements: 

I have been practicing exercises at home to help with my short term goals, and while I haven’t quite reached them yet, I can feel myself getting stronger.  I have noticed that I am able to do some of the sprints during class better without having to walk, and that is a big win for me.  I ended up completing the 5 Borough Bike tour in just under 5 hours (40 miles), with most of it being non-stop biking.  I also did a Tour de Queens, a 20 miler, in July.

Nutritional Improvements: 

At the end of April/early May, I did the Gaia Fit Transformation program.  I ended up losing about 7-8 pounds, and found it to be a great experience.  I wasn’t sure I was going to do all 21 days at the beginning, but once I started it, I felt so good that I did not want to stop.  I plan to incorporate the transformation into my daily diet every so often.  Since the Gaia Fit Transformation program, I have continued with green drinks several times a week, which I really enjoy.

Short Term Goals:
  1. Full minute of renegades without needing to drop to my knees
  2. Full minute of plank with walk ups on my feet without needing to drop to my knees (can do about 30-45 seconds).
  3. Tricep dips with my feet fully extended (almost there!).
  4. Lose another 5 pounds before the winter starts.
  5. Another round of the Gaia Fit Transformation Program.
  6. Complete 55 Mile Twin Lights Tour in under 6 hours (in September).

Long-Term Goals:

1.    Total weight loss of at least 35 pounds before I turn 40 (in Nov 2014, and I'm currently about 30 pounds down).
2.    One day do a century bike tour (100 miles).

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