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Strip & Shake Pep Talk

This little pep talk can be for anyone approaching week two and three of a challenge or lifestyle change. This is a critical time. You can do this.

My message to anyone and everyone this month trying to maintain health and balance!

Tis the season where many get overstressed and throw in the towel. It is a season where we want to spend time having fun and celebrating but the celebrating somehow becomes stressful and unhealthy for mind, body and soul. 

Our challenge here is to really find consistency, find balance and find joy in the holiday season. 

Don't be afraid to simplify things this month. 
Take some time to think about the celebrations and traditions that mean the most to you and focus on them.
Take time for yourself every day.

Don't give up on yourself this month. It is the perfect time of year to reflect and rejoice. Finishing this year with fullness and gratitude allows you to enter (better yet - leap into) a new year with energy, health and momentum... making it simply awesome and amazing!

Happy Healthy Days!

Curious about our Strip and Shake? Email to fin out more! We will be Strippin and Shakin in the New Year and would love for you to join us! We have teamed up with our colleagues from Shaklee for a fun, unique, real life healthy challenge. We love Shaklee and everything it provides you and your health. It is powered by an amazing CEO, Roger Barnett. Read Forbes’ interview with Roger Barnett to learn more about his values and commitment to doing the right thing

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