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Can massage help you?


 I was lucky enough to receive a massage from one of our fabulous Gaia Fit Charleston boot campers last month. Oh! It felt so good! Afterwards, I had to ask myself why I don't get these more often. Then I thought about how many times I took a spa gift card and used it for hair services rather then massage services to save money, be more practical, feel less guilt...

The massage brought some needed awareness to my body and what I had been neglecting in the recovery process. Yes, I foam roll my legs. Yes, I hydrate. Yes, I get a recovery meal in. But, massage? Awareness to my back and shoulders? Nope and Nope. Kyli, our fabulous massage therapist brought great awareness to my shoulders, neck and back and... AGH, posture! What I used to take such great pride in was slowly curving, rounding, shrinking and who knows what forward. Well as any good professional would, in her straight forward, sweet and calm voice, Kyli put it to me and gave me some tips and strategies to fight the posture blues. And yes, every time I see her, I find myself straightening up and putting those shoulders back into place. If only, she could follow me around all day!? Kyli?? Can you???


Well, Kyli is here to tell us how it is and she is sharing a special deal with our Gaia Fit Boot Campers! Charleston, take advantage!


Summer of No Excuses

Are your calves cramping during the warm up jog?

Are your glutes screaming before, during and after a work out?

Do you feel like you have rocks in your upper back?

Don't let those suicide sprints and burpees get the best of you!

You train hard to reach your fitness goals, but do you think about recovery between workouts? 

Just because you're still sore from last week's bootcamp, doesn't mean you have to suffer through the next! Massage Therapy can help!

Allowing yourself to recover is just as important as training, so make it a summer of no excuses!


How can massage therapy benefit Gaia Fit boot campers?

Shortens recovery time between workouts

Reduces muscle spasms and cramping

Improves tissue flexibility and muscle relaxation

Improves range of motion

Identifies areas of tension, soreness


Addresses them before an injury occurs~

Massage therapy increases your overall awareness of your own body and can help you reach optimal performance


 All Gaia Fit Bootcampers:

 Get $10 off an hour massage

Or try a packaged deal to experience the full benefits of massage and how it can help you maintain and achieve your wellness goals:

Buy 3 massages for $200 ($25 off)
Buy 4 massages for $250 ($50 off)


Kyli Sullivan LMT, BS

Center for Therapeutic Massage



Therapeutic/Clinical massage-Sports massage-Individual injury based cases-Trigger Point-Deep Tissue-Myofascial-Postural Analysis-Gait Analysis Geriatric massage-Prenatal massage



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