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The awkward in between

Just left a workout that started out with a setting a new PR.  Awesomeness! 

But then ended with a triplet of exercises where as one of them (Toes to Bar,) I have been really trying to improve and work on technique and sequencing. Only way to improve, is to do it. Right? I could just modify and go faster? Well, I went for it. I had to. About halfway through, I took a modification (on the rings). Ugh! It was a loooong workout mentally and physically which meant I was going to be one of the last ones to finish (totally an ego crusher for this personal trainer.)

Enter the suck factor....

That awkward in between when you finally decide to go for it and take things to the next level. "It" meaning anything in life you are looking to improve - fitness, nutrition, business, relationships. No joke, there is often a big suck factor involved. There are just some down right sucky moments you have to get through. The cool part? If you hang around long enough and push through those sucky moments, you get to experience some really awesome and cool moments. True awesomeness.

I am making a personal effort this year to really plunge into Gaia Fit's theme of No Excuses. I don't want to just talk about it and help people create there No Excuses, I want to live it and experience it right along with them. The results have been awesomeness and suckiness all wrapped into one. But I am slowly learning that the suckiness is totally worth the awesomeness!

I have a history of just skating along at a comfortable pace. Doing just enough to do good. (My parents and husband can totally attest to this.) I always stop myself right at the edge of my comfort zone. Why not, right!? I feel good and am doing good, so I should be happy and I am. However, the problem is I want more. I want to go for awesomeness. I think everyone deserves to go for awesomeness. But I am down right scared of the suck factor and that awkward in-between. It has taken a long time to realize exactly what the fear was and then another long time to actually go after it!

I have found what has been helping me break out of my comfort zone with all aspects of life is working on my fitness and areas of my fitness that I have neglected. Sometimes there is a little battle that happens when you become a personal trainer or coach. You start to focus so much of your energy and time on others and you start to forget about yourself. I have seen so many colleagues go through it and somewhere after two children, I found myself slipping into it. However, it took me a while to realize it. But no whining. Time for fixing!

My 6 steps that have helped me enter the awkward in-between AND start to experience awesomeness:

  1. Set some measurable goals. Examples: Repetitions of an exercise. Being able to do a specific exercise at a specific level. How many pounds of a specific exercise.
  2. Drop your Ego. Working on a specific exercise or working up to certain weight may slow you down a bit. This is about you right? Not the person in class next to you.
  3. Drop your Ego again and take another look at those goals and make them for real. 
  4. Write it down and share it with someone. Under my profile, I have two of my fitness aspirations. I am sharing it with the world. After today, sequencing toes to bar and pull-ups have been added. ;-) Share it and talk about it (Don't get obsessed, but share it enough that people will ask you about it. What does that equal? Accountability.
  5. Take action! It will not happen by itself. Share it with someone that can help you make it happen. Boot Camp is the perfect place.;)
  6. Repeat the above again and again and again.

Know that really putting the above into practice will bring you right into the suck factor. But stick to it! Once you feel the one moment of awesomeness (setting a new PR or mastering a new exercise), I promise you will see the light and it will help drive you forward. Just be patient.

What is so cool about focusing on your Fitness? It will make you stronger and not just physically stronger - mentally and emotionally stronger. If we are mentally and emotionally stronger, we are going to take that step into the awkward in-between in other areas of our life like work and relationships! The results... Pure Awesomeness!

OK, time to get back to work, take the steps into the awkward in between and experience some awesomeness! (Yikes!)





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