NJ May Boot Camper of the Month

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Mandy Yachmetz


Amanda Esposito took the lead in both rounds of Gaia Fit New Jersey's suicide run challenges with a time of 2:23 in April and an improved time of 2:14 in May.  Her speed and commitment to attend class at least twice per week without hardly missing are inspiring. 

"I've always gone to the gym for cardio. Now with boot camp, I'm working so much more than that and I love it.  I feel stronger and so much better about myself since coming to Gaia Fit. I've recruited some friends along the way and they enjoy it as well.  I love the daily nutritional tips we get. It helps keep me on track and I hope to keep doing so for as long as I can." - Amanda Esposito

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