12 Tips for Dining Out

Posted on January 06, 2013 by Mary Patterson

'Tis the season to wine and dine! Enjoy and have fun, but be smart.

12 Tips for Dining Out

  1. Do not "save" all of your calories for that special evening. 
  2. Eat clean all day leading up to the event - lots of veggies, fruit, lean protein, water.
  3. Eat a small snack before the event. Open parties with buffet tables and munchies? We recommend drinking a protein shake the hour leading up to the event.
  4. Exercise the day of the event and the day after the event.
  5. Drink your water plus more throughout the day. Remember at least 50% of your body weight.
  6. If you will be enjoying cocktails, alternate every drink with a glass of water.
  7. Keep your hands full with a drink (water) most of the evening, to avoid the empty hand too much snacking.
  8. Munch on the veggies and fruits. Careful with the cheese and crackers.
  9. Sit down meals? Hold the starch. Think veggies and a protein.
  10. Cut your meal into thirds before diving in. Most restaurants will give you 3 times a normal serving size. Cut it first so you know exactly how much you are eating.
  11. Choose your splurge. Will it be drinks, dessert, appetizer, bread? Pick one.
  12. Next day... right back on track with water in the a.m. and a healthy protein filled breakfast. No skipping breakfast.

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