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The Power of a Partner in Sweat

Statistics show that a person is more likely to stick with a health routine and have success with it when doing so with a friend. We value your commitment to fitness and health and we also know how fun it is to work out with a friend.


We won't let you stop at anything less than 100% and neither will your friend!


Go ahead and try to hit the snooze button, your friend will be knocking on your door to make sure you get to boot camp and we will be waiting for you with smile and great coaching!

Social Fun!

Laughing, grunting, sweating, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone... all the more fun with a friend. Then you can chuckle how silly you felt during that bear crawl circuit and flex your new shapely arms over a cup of tea or coffee.

Gaia Fit Boot Camp Referral Program

Refer a friend and receive one month of unlimited bootcamp!
*Valid when friend purchases a 5 flex or any unlimited monthly package.

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