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Looking Back... Gaia Gives event to benefit Lunch Break

Today Mandy Yachmetz and I delivered the Gaia Gives event, 3 essential steps to wellness to benefit Lunchbreak in Red Bank. We went over what we believe to be topics at the heart of healthy living - physical exercise, smarter food shopping & label reading and stress management.

To start, I would like to take a little time to share with you what a wonderful organization Lunchbreak is. Not only do they serve lunch for hundreds of people throughout the week as well as breakfast on Saturday mornings, they also distribute meals to those homebound, host farmers markets, cooking classes, boys and girls club dinners and movies... to name only a few of their other events. The organization also collects and distributes clothing (adults and kids) and baby items to those in need. Lunchbreak events, lunches and breakfasts are open to all and it provides a warm community to many who not only come for the delicious meals but also for the support and companionship. Please take a little time visit for more information on this wonderful organization.

Now, we opened our seminar with a few minutes of equipment free workout right on the spot, led by Mandy Yachmetz. Moving to catchy music never fails to entertain and there is something about physical exercise, no matter how short or simple, that brings people together. It provided good energy and bouts of laughter as we all got to stretch our limbs a little and came to realize how even a few minutes of movement on the spot can get that cardiovascular system going and leave you a little out of breath.We all got to have a little fun.

Then as we progressed through the seminar and following the presentation / demonstrations, we were encouraged by participants who thanked us, congratulated us and prompted us to keep doing this work, to take it further into other organizations - for the young and the elderly. When a gentleman kindly shared his personal story struggling with diabetes, he caught the attention of others present. He told them to really take to heart the information that was being shared. I was definitely overcome with gratitude. Yes, we got to connect with our community, help raise awareness of Lunchbreak, but I certainly walked away with motivation - the belief that little messages and little steps, coupled with big passion can bring about great change.

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