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Where is my body? 3 secrets to more toned Abs after pregnancy

Where is my body?

3 secrets to more toned Abs after pregnancy

I'm the new mom of a lovely three-month baby girl. She is a dream and I was happy and felt blessed during my pregnancy. I also gained 45 pounds from trying through delivery. As soon as my baby was born, I was looking for my pre-baby body. I am an athlete and a professional dancer and boy was I shocked when I didn't see it. The joke at the hospital was that I had packed a white thong to leave the hospital in. Well, to make things worse my youngest brother saw me five days after giving birth and he asked me naïvely if "[I] was already pregnant again?" The look of horror on my face, my parents' faces and his girlfriend said it all. Yeah, the dancer body was nowhere in sight. I had had an emergency C-section and it added to the bloating. This all got me thinking that I would need to seriously start working on getting my body back. Heck it's my job.

Three secrets I will share with you that helped me:

  • Start practicing standing or seated abdominal exercises. I learned these exercises thru my Bella Bellies certification. We call these the Tupler Ab exercises. In yoga they would be a slow version of "breath of fire." They are done to start toning all the abdominal muscles without fear of increasing the diastisis recti that often occurs at the end of the woman's pregnancy (but can also happen to Santa Claus/ beer bellied guys). Learn the Tupler Ab exercises before or during pregnancy with us at Gaia Fit's Prenatal Momilates Classes. You will have a muscle memory headstart for when you are cleared to start exercising or come to class when you are feeling ready and bring your baby or babies to StrollerMoves. These very gentle Ab exercises are some of the only 'exercises' you can start doing immediately after your delivery and are some of the best to do anywhere, no equipment necessary.
  • As soon as you possibly can, bind your tummy . Get your OB/ GYN ,midwife or nurse to get you a starter one in the hospital, then pick up a full torso girdle from a store that sells them. Your oldest aunt or grandma knows the one I'm talking about; they look and feel like corsets, but you need to wear it. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but so is walking around with your tummy sticking out past your waistband.
  • Sip pure hot water or tea (decaffeinated or herbal) to gently rid the body of excess gas and bloating.

It's been about three months and I'm glad I was able to start reducing the size of my tummy. I am also gently stretching to realign my body, strengthening my inner thighs and gently reminding myself to be patient with the process. Next up will be getting more sleep.

Cheers to your health. If you have questions, contacts us, we are here to help.

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