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Make Hydration Fun and Tasty!

Water is my main means of liquid hydration. Aside from a cup of coffee or tea, pure H2O gets me through my day and I feel it when I am low. It will effect me the same way as not eating something for more then 4 hours will... starving, sugar cavings, cranky, tired. This lady needs her hydration steady throughout the day (and nutrients and protein every 3 hours). Aside from the occasional Odwalla or Bolthouse Green Goodness Juice, you will only find our Get Clean Water, Rice Milk and Coconut Milk in our frig (OK, maybe some wine too).

When we entertain, not much changes in the way of liquids that are served (except the increase in adult beverages). I like to make the point that you do not need soda and loads of juice when you are having a party (with or without kids). Not sure how well that has worked. I think the kids get over it a lot faster because they are too busy looking to have fun. I have given in a little; however, still get those family member grumbles of what we "should" have. My husband and I have always graciously smiled and ignored.

Don't get me wrong, when I am at functions, I allow my children to drink and eat for the most part what they want (and I indulge and treat myself). I am fortunate that they don't even give soda a glance and will enjoy a sweet and move on. And I still educate them while we are there or at home on what drink had artificial sweeteners, colors, etc. and that our body doesn't really work best when we consume them. My 5 year old has begun to use the word poison and although he will indulge, I know he is listening and understanding.

This year, I have decided to experiment a bit more and make the water more fun. Not for myself so much, but for my children and to help educate those around me.

Hydration can be fun and tasty! I am going to share with you some of my newly discovered favorites and please feel free to share yours!

Pure H2O
Lemon Lime Cucumberlicious
  • Peel and Slice 1 organic cucumber in a pitcher
  • Squeeze a 1/4 of a lemon over the cucumbers
  • Squeeze a 1/4 of a lime over the cucumbers
  • Slice the remaining lemon and lime and throw in the pitcher
  • Pour your Get Clean Water and fill up the pitcher
  • Stir and refrigerate.
  • When chilled, pour and enjoy!
Orange Pomegranate Energy
  • Fill a water cooler with 2 quarts of water
  • Scoop 20 tablespoons of Orange Performance
  • Pour 3-6 Cinch Energy Tea Packets
  • Stir and Chill
  • Store in the refrigerator and use on hot days, intense or long workouts, or for the AM or PM pick me up!
Rosemary Watermelon Delish
  • Fill a blender halfway with watermelon
  • Put 1/4 cup of chopped fresh rosemary
  • Fill 1 part seltzer water and 1 part Get Clean Water
  • Blend until desired consistency is reached
  • Serve from blender or pour in pitcher, chill and serve later!

My best recommendation is to play with the recipes. Everyone has their own preferences and taste buds. Don't be afraid to change things up a bit and make hydration yummy for you!

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