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Raising Awareness in Motherhood Wellness

For us ladies who are mothers, myself included, we spend a considerable amount of time talking with our girlfriends about how alien our bodies feel after having children, frustrated knowing that our bodies could be functioning more optimally in exercise and in every day activities, enduring pain that may not always be chronic but certainly bothersome. I was lucky enough to have an amazing support team who were compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in the very specific challenges I faced after having my first child and I knew from that day on that it would almost be criminal not to open the doors to that same positive and empowering experience to all the other mothers out there. And as comments around the room such as “why was I not informed of this?”, “why is this education and therapy not part of routine postpartum care?”, “I now know that real changes can and have to be made”, I was the one who was thankful - to all those who made this event possible - to all those ladies who came wanting to gain and absorb knowledge, to my own support team (personal and professional) and to all those professionals out there who work hard to provide more detailed and updated medical and perinatal exercise related research.

To further lift my spirits, when the dust had settled for the evening and I glanced over at the huge pile of clothing that had been so generously donated by those who attended and by those who were unable to attend but wanted to show support I just smiled - yes, I do have the task of counting exactly how many pieces of clothing we collected awaiting me (!) but to be able to deliver a workshop on a topic dear to my heart, have a wonderful gathering of women to share viewpoints and debate as well as provide material support for BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) through it all... well, that feeling altogether was (and is) rather special.

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