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Smoothie Creations & Healthy Kids

Our household most often has a lot of time on our hands in the morning on school days. We have a no television, video games, electronics rule. It was challenging in the beginning but the kids have gotten the hang of it and I enjoy watching them find ways to keep themselves busy - reading, legos or outside playing soccer or football. And yes, sometimes fighting and driving mom and dad crazy. 

We have a pretty set breakfast routine of egg sandwiches or eggs and toast. My husband and I are often making smoothies and Ryder will ask a lot to take part in the fun. Knowing it is giving him more nutrients and helping him start the day off right, I like to allow it when I can and I know my momma patience is all there. 

He has been known to make a wacky creation and then not touch it. I know this is all part of the process of him developing his taste buds, having fun in the kitchen and creating healthy lifelong habits, but that patient, all knowing mom is often not present when I am trying to get food in my own belly, lunches made and a semi clean kitchen before round 2 of Gaia Fit classes start. 

When that cool mom is present, we like to go for it. We have a goal of trying to add more videos to our Gaia Fit Live channel through exercise routines and recipes and healthy tips, so we have decided to just for it knowing the practice and consistency are all a part of making them better for our healthy Gaia Fit family and friends. 

So today, we bring you Ryder's Smoothie Creation of November 2015!

And because we want you to know it is all real over here, we will occasionally share some comical bloopers with you too. (Cringe) I had no clue if and what my funny camera man was videoing, but decided to keep talking. In the end, I think you will get a laugh and enjoy my simple and yummy Chocolate Cherry Smoothie using our favorite Shaklee Life! Do you have a party glass!? ;-)



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