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Believe and Dream

Wow! We have been waiting a lifetime to introduce the world to Gaia Fit. Have you ever wanted something so bad, but didn’t know you wanted it until it hit you on the head – hard!?  Gaia Fit has been a long time coming and we have so much in store for you this year and many years to come. Please hop on in and join us for the ride! Along the way, we promise to inspire, create, laugh, work hard, and believe! We believe in Gaia Fit, you, our community, and ourselves. We believe in making a difference and making the world a healthier, happier place one step, one meal, one workout, one person, one family at a time!

All with the same mission and goal; however, all unique in our own spirit and expertise, we would like to introduce you to the Gaia Fit Founding Members!

Mary Patterson

Gaia Fit is a dream come true and I thank my husband for that! He saw the passion and drive in me, added in his own passion and intense drive and really helped make things happen.  I am excited to be working along side of such impressive women as Julianne and Eun Young.

Within my years of health and fitness, I formed a personal and professional direction, focus and belief system on how to take people on a journey of health; however, I never stopped learning from my peers. I always kept an open ear and eye because I believe we are always learning and can never know enough or too much! These two ladies have played a huge role in who I have collaborated with and learned from throughout the years.

So who am I and how do I work?  Well, that depends on you! I believe in tailoring the workout and nutrition program to the individual and most importantly to their goals and lifestyle! Most of the time, I work in a step-by-step process. Health and fitness is about life and living a long, high quality life. I believe in eating real food and drinking lots of water! I don’t like calorie counting and trust me – you will not have to if you are eating the right foods for you! 

When it comes to your workout routine, I believe your own body is your best tool! Before children, I use to spend hours in the gym and working out. My life was work, working out, and spending time with loved ones.  Through the years and children and work, this slowly changed. I have realized that health is way more then just a workout routine. As a result, this has changed my personal workout regime. Some days, it will be short and intense, others it may be long and steady, and sometimes it is nothing! And long and steady these days is rarely over an hour! I wonder now, wow, what was I doing that whole time! How inefficient! 

Health is about the mind, body, spirit, and so much more. Health is about balance and true happiness inside and out.

Eun-Young Kim

Gratitude - I am slowly learning that the real key to happiness in life is rooted in being grateful, and that’s for the good and the bad because this is how we all learn and grow and “find” ourselves. This is of course easy to say but difficult to actually live by every day. However, I think we can all find little things to be grateful for each day (a friend who made you laugh, your child who told you your hair looks nice although you hadn’t even brushed it yet, a bright sunny day that uplifted your spirits….). And occasionally in life, we get an opportunity to express our gratitude for something a little bigger… and this is mine and I am seizing it! And this is kind of like the ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’ story I warn you….

So my first baby arrived 5 weeks early and left me in shock…. My body and mind wanted and needed to heal and get stronger (and get leaner!)… I wasn’t ready for embracing the traditional gym setting… this put me on a search to find a perinatal fitness specialist who understood my physical and emotional challenges…I found this in a wonderful person, creator of Momilates®, Annie Martens…Then I truly found pilates, and working alongside some hugely talented individuals, began to understand what honoring the body and the mind in exercise really meant…As I began to learn more, I was inspired and became hungry for more knowledge, so desperately wanting other women to realize that becoming a mother is termed “life changing” for a good reason and that everything about you needs to evolve – including exercise. Fast forward a few years, this amazing platform in the form of Gaia Fit was presented to me and I am now more inspired than ever – thank you Mary Patterson for having the vision for this unique concept!

When it comes to exercise and lifestyle changes and choices, I am a firm believer in small steps at a time. No extreme measures, no over analyzing, no heart palpitations, no diet akin to starvation. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else and I want to live as guilt free as possible.  I want to enjoy my time with my little children and if they offer me a piece of something they made and it happens to be a donut, I want to be able to take a bite and see the smile on their face and know that it will be OK.

Julianne Rock

I am very excited to see that so many of my friends and colleagues are waking up to alternative methods of healing and feeling good!  Whether it be a minor health issue or a more serious condition, I enjoy working collaboratively with clients to discover solutions to a healthier and happier life.  My current role as a health coach would not have been possible without a number of instrumental learning experiences.

I have enjoyed working as an Exercise Specialist in chiropractic, physical therapy, and fitness enterprises alike.  I witnessed the benefits of rehabilitative therapy firsthand while assisting clients in recovering from various issues including injury and surgery.  Many clients have also experienced greater energy and vigor as a result of personally planned exercise regimens. 

I’m also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and have had the pleasure of receiving personal instruction on the topic from some of the top names in the field including David Wolfe, Brendan Brazier, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Deepak Choprah.  Many of my clients have been pleasantly surprised to discover simple and effective lifestyle changes that go a long way in boosting their vitality and contentment.

I am thrilled to be part of the talented and dedicated Gaia Fit Team!  Mary, Eun-Young, and I share a passion for improving the lives of our clients and following through to ensure lasting results. 

We believe in you!  Let’s make a change today!

So, let’s do it! Let’s make a change. Let’s make a commitment! Believe!

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