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Healthy Budget: Numbers

2014 Average Spending: $1550 per month
May 2015 Spending: $898
Difference: $652

May 2014: $1243
May 2015: $898
Difference: $345

There it is! Last year's comparison with this year's for the month of May as well as last year's average compared with this month. As we progress monthly, we will share the month to month comparison along with the average because we all know some months have more happen than others and part of the challenge will be to keep the numbers lower on those crazy months and to keep the overall average spending down.

The hardest part of this experiment is sharing these financial details. We (society) don't do that and if we do, the trend is we think we earn bragging rights by having the highest numbers or claiming the status that we dont have to worry about it so why bother. The money is there. We have to eat right!? How can you budget food?

For those of you who do not know me personally, it is important to share some basic family details because size of family, eating habits, and lifestyle can play a factor in this all. 

Our Family in a Nut Shell:
Family of 4 with 2 boys 8 and 6 (quickly approaching 9 and 7)
Very Active Lifestyle: everyone exercises everyday.
Go Organic when it comes to eggs, dairy and the dirty dozen
If it is not organic, corn and soy must say non-GMO
Meat and Poultry are organic if the price is right, but otherwise must be hormone free, etc
Labels are always read and we steer clear of artificial sweeteners and food dyes 100% in our home (along with other ingredients such has High Fructose Corn Syrup)
Two family dinners per week are vegetarian 
We live in a very social environment where outings and porch happy hours are at least weekly 
Mom does the grocery shopping and 90% of the cooking and planning

Alcohol and essentials (toilet paper, tooth paste, paper products) are all included in these numbers

If you skipped over the first blog, now that you know our numbers, I highly recommend you going back to read it. Learn what your numbers really are. This isn't a competition about who has the lowest and highest. This is about true awareness of where you are now and taking time to see if it can change. 

For us, this started with a vision. A strong vision of what we want our life to be and where we want to be in 10 years. It was followed by a challenge. I really wasn't sure if we would do it. But we changed our mindset, kept our vision and went for it. Without much of a struggle we did it.

Next blog, I will talk more about my mindset and what changed and will make an attempt to get my husband to share his!


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