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Posted on April 23, 2015 by Mary Patterson

Today's Spring Cleaning guest blogger expert is Nadine Camilla from Love Marlow...

It’s that time of year again… change is in the breeze and on your mind. You put away your coats and pull out your sandals. You think about what you’ll do this summer….where you might go and how you see yourself showing up there.

Does the you of your mind’s eye reflect the you in the mirror?

Making the two converge so you love what you see doesn’t need to begin with hours in the gym, starving yourself or throwing hundreds of dollars into a new wardrobe. 

This spring, as you envision how you want to show up to summer, start in your closet with what you already have.

Pull out your clothes, your shoes and accessories. Put them out where you can see them.

Try on that shirt you’ve been having buyer’s remorse over. Match it with a pair of pants you typically wouldn’t pair together.

Throw on those cute wedge sandals with a pop of color. Put on that sun hat you loved in the boutique but haven’t quite had the nerve to wear once it came home.

Play with accessories.

Take a picture in the mirror. Can you pull it off? Dare yourself to.

Too out of your element? Invite a friend who will be honest with you. Turn on some music, mix up a cocktail and make it an opportunity for much needed girl time.

Why don’t we do these things more often?
Because as women we tend to put our family and others first. That’s a beautiful thing. But so are you. Give yourself some much needed “me” time this spring to rediscover yourself through your very own wardrobe.

Need some help?
Love Marlow will be that honest friend…and then some!
Let Love Marlow create your looks for you and leave you with a celebrity style closet inspired by what you already own.
If you need a few pieces to complete your looks, Love Marlow will help fill in your collection. 

Let the fun begin!

Love Marlow
Nadine Camilla

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