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Shame on you NBC

Shame on you...

For taking such a powerful, strong message and ruining it. I have watched and let the message sit with me and I am back to my original intent. 

If you read our first reaction to seeing the show Strong, you know we love it and hate it, but took the opportunity to reflect, learn and make the powerful changes we needed to. Yes, thank you Strong, but also...

No Thank you!

How can you lead with such a powerful, strong message and still just get it all wrong? And more importantly, why doesn't anyone else see this? Why isn't anyone else pointing this out? Women go crazy over some wacky things. This ladies is important. Where are you?

The story of ONLY men guiding and coaching ONLY women to find their strength keeps the societal stereotypes right where they are. Young girls watching are seeing the stereotype play over and over again, week after week of ONLY men being strong and teaching ONLY women to be strong. It doesn't have to be said or even spoken about. They see it. They feel it. It becomes part of them. It lies inside of them.

If you are going to do something different, powerful, inspirational and STRONG...

Do It Right!

Show men AND women coaching men AND women to challenge themselves and bring out their strength. 

Plain and Simple. 

NBC, Stop feeding the stereotypes.

Ladies, it is time to Get It Right. Open your eyes and stop playing into the stereotypes. Embrace who you are and all you can be. Strength is not about gender. You can be strong, powerful, healthy and take your place in this world while still loving, nurturing and embracing your femininity. 

It is time, NBC for you to stand up and take your amazing strong message and do it right. Make it right. That is what women AND men need. 

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