Ready to Spring Clean EVERYTHING?

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Mary Patterson

Ok, well maybe not everything, but a whole lot!

Spring is upon us and there is something that happens inside that make us eager and ready to refresh and renew. Don't fight the feeling. Go with it.

Purge. Cleanse. Refresh.

You will be oh so happy you did. Over the past two weeks, I have discussed and experienced the beginning of Spring Cleaning with a couple of different entrepreneurs. And guess what? Neither one was about cleaning my house or dieting. One discussion was about finances (stay tuned for more fun and learning on this one!) and the other was with mu wardrobe.

It wasn't long after working with Nadine Camilla from Love Marlow that I made the beautiful connection of what was happening to my primary food. Now if you have gone through any of Gaia Fit's nutrition programs or challenges, you have heard us discuss primary food. You know... that mindful eating thing we try to get you to do? Participants who begin to truly connect with the idea and dive into learning more about themselves and their primary food are the ones that begin to understand the long term lifestyle effect that we are trying to jumpstart in you with all of our nutrition programming

There wasn't much to get rid of in my closet, but to purge those silly items that were just taking up space in my closet and then look at my present wardrobe with new eyes felt amazing. To wake up, walk in to my closet, be present with how I am feeling and easily choose an outfit that is going to make me feel like a rock star has been a game changer. Feeling good on the outside also allowed and inspired my to feel good on the inside. And we all know how powerful this can be in all aspects of life!

After making this connection, I had an idea! Let's connect inspiring entrepreneurs on the topic of Spring Cleaning. Over the next couple of weeks, Gaia Fit is going to have guest bloggers from all different fields - food, fitness, fashion, hair, skincare, cosmetics, environment, finances and more! We are going to share basic tips and facts to motivate you in all avenues of your life. 

Get ready to refresh and renew this Spring and feel AMAZING!

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