Have you become a rude one too?

Posted on February 06, 2015 by Mary Patterson

Do you feel over loaded sometimes with text messages, phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, social media alerts?

I feel the list can go on and on forever. As a business owner, it is a guessing game trying to figure out the best way to communicate with your clients and customers. In the end, everyone has their preferred method of correspondence so you have to use all of the above in order to reach the highest percentage.

With all of this technology, you think it would be easy to reach people. Does anyone else think it is more challenging instead?

In the end, the best method is the good old fashion voice to voice or face to face. I have begun to write notes in my phone reminding me what to announce in class or tell a particular person and I have been picking up the phone a lot more. Sometimes I feel as if I am on auto repeat saying the same things over and over. People want to know and be in the know, but they don't want to take the time to be in the know or ... is it that they are so overwhelmed they shut down?

Regardless of the pros and cons and what are the best methods of communication, I have realized one important thing, we have all become pretty darn rude. Yes, I said we. My personal realization has forced me to become very sensitive to it and begin to fix the problem within myself.

Ok, You don't think your rude? Let me throw out some scenarios:

Invitation RSVPs: I am not talking about the Facebook invites (although some of the smaller more personal Facebook invites do require a response as well). I am talking about the email, mail, text, phone call invites. I will be the first to admit - I am awful at this; however, I am hard at work in fixing it. Someone thought enough of you  - to invite you. Give the courtesy to at least say sorry, I cannot. 

Emails: This is a hot one for me lately and I know not to take it personally, but how could you not? Not replying to an email is like just walking away from someone or staring at them blank faced after they have asked you something or shared something with you. You would never right!? (All my corporate friends that get 20,000 emails a day, I am not talking about all the emails you are copied on. I am also not talking about an informative email that may not require a response) I challenge you to pay more attention though and ask yourself if you should reply. A short, thank you or no thank you or I will get back to you on this is OK and much better than nothing.

Facebook Messages and Evites: You know we can see that you read it right? I mark this as even ruder than the no response to an email. Enough said.

It is OK to say No. No can be said in a very kind way and people will appreciate the response rather than no response. It has become easier to hide beyond the electronics rather than face those awkward situations or address all the little situations (that may not mean much to you, but mean a whole lot to the other person).

Next time, you feel rushed, imagine if you just bumped into the person on the street - would you just walk away or would you give them a short, quick, but kind response. 

I am right here with you working on it too. Cheers to being a little less rude today! ;-)

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