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Nutrition 101: Simple Daily Checklist

Healthy eating does not have to be hard. We make it more challenging then it needs to be. Keep it simple. Whether you are trying to lose weight, "tone", eat for health, even build muscle, the following list is a great to keep visible. If you are one of those people who feels they need "more structure," this list is for you!

Daily Checklist:
  • Unlimited veggies! Love your leafy greens.
  • Berries Everyday 
  • Protein at every meal (but not the focus of the meal): Palm size or deck of cards
  • Healthy Fats throughout the day- a little at every meal. Fat is good! (avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, coconut, olive oil, safflower oil)
  • Drink half you body weight of water in ounces every day.
  • No more then 2 servings of Starches or Whole grains a day: 1 serving = baseball size or 1 slice of bread
  • *weight loss: no starches at dinner: 2 servings of veggies and 1 serving of protein
Extra Tips:
3-6 meals a day
Each meal should include a carb(veggie, fruit or starch), protein and fat
Ideally, No eating after 7PM
Water first thing in morning -- before food!
Never skip breakfast, even if it is just a piece of fruit.

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