Nutrition 101: Journal

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Mary Patterson

Write it down!

An additional step to Mindful Eating is Journaling. Keep a food journal.

Tips on Food Journaling:

  • Write everything down: time, what ate, how felt before you ate, how you felt after you ate.
  • Write it down right after OR right before you eat it. (Sometimes before will make you stick to it!)
  • Even write the bites here and there - they count!
  • At the end of the day, before you go to bed - ask yourself and write down, how you feel (full, stuffed, light, bloated, etc)?
  • When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself how you feel (hungry, starving, tired, bloated, crampy)?
  • Keep it positive. If you forgot something, don't give up. Keep moving forward and get right back on track.

Journaling Tools:

My Fitness Pal Free App - access it on your phone or on your computer 

Fooducate - For you non-calorie counters and quality counts counters. This app will give your food choices a grade!

Shaklee180 - For those of you who use Shaklee nutrition or cleaning products, they have a food and fitness tracker as well and you can win prizes for tracking and setting goals!

ICal - use your calendar on your phone or computer. Code your food and workouts a different color then your schedule or to do. Provide a lot of clarity to cravings etc and it is all in one space.

Good Ole' fashion mini notebook - Keep in your car, bag, purse, brief case. Scribble time and what ate and done!

Gaia Fit Food Plan Journal - Our Food Plan Challenge comes with your personal journal. Check out when our next group challenge will be!

You may find that journaling will become a life habit for you or you may learn that it will help you get on track when you have slipped. Learn what works for you and do it. Hold yourself accountable and get out of denial for what foods are working for you, what foods are not, overeating, under-eating, not eating enough veggies, skipping your fruit, needing protein in the morning......

Try it for a week! You will be surprised what you learn!

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