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Supplementing 101

Six years ago, I would not have this as part of your nutrition plan because I believed we get everything from our food. I still very strongly believe FOOD FIRST! However, through schooling, time, and a lot of research, I recommend a food-based supplementation (no synthetic chemicals!). We are simply not getting what we need form our food supply even on the best nutrition plan. My timeless research finally led me to the Shaklee Difference. Not all brands and supplements are created equally and we take this very seriously. Many of my family (close and extended), friends, and clients use Shaklee supplementation and have seen a huge difference in many areas of their health. So when recommending the following categories of supplementations that are key to a healthy you, I will confidently refer to you the purity, quality and science of the Shaklee brand.

2 Must Take Supplements:

Multivitamin Unfortunately, we do not get every thing we need from our food (even if we have a perfect diet). However, there are a lot of vitamins that are made from synthetic chemicals that our body just cannot process and there are a lot of vitamins (food based and synthetic chemical based) that don't breakdown properly in the body. Give your body the nutrients it deserves!

Gaia Fit's top pick: Vita Lea

Probiotic  80% of your immune system is in your intestines! When the intestines are dirty from the environment, sugar and process foods, antibiotics and medications, your body will break down. Unfortunately, we are not getting enough probiotics from food to combat the toxins hitting our body.

My family started to see huge results when switching from the powder/liquid probiotics to Gaia Fit's top pick: Optiflora

The enhanced complete kit My personal favorite supplement that gives everything highly recommended from the top experts in nutrition all in one convenient strip with the purity, quality, and science is the Vitalizer! Your multivitamin, fish oil, B and C complex, Probiotic and loaded with antioxidants! 

*In addition to a healthy body, the next best part about high quality supplementation is that you get Gaia Fit with it to help you figure out what will work best for you (and your family). Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We would be happy to set up a time to speak with you to find the best path for YOU to take with your health, budget and lifestyle!

For Gaia Fit's top picks at a glance, click here! 

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