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Water 101

Drink your water every day! Your body welcomes clean water to help it function!

  • Lose weight
  • Keep energy high
  • Decrease sugar cravings
  • Move vitamins and mineral to their proper places
  • Remove toxins from the body
  • and so much more.

There is not another fluid that can top what water will do for your body. 

Water substitutes? 

Hold the juice and sports drinks unless they are needed (they serve a specific purpose) and when adding into your diet, keep them natural so your body can use them efficiently.

How much water? 

A good starting point is 1/2 your body weight in ounces. When you reach your number of ounces, ask yourself how you feel. Do you think you are getting enough water? You know best. Pay attention to your body and listen to what it needs. Check your urine. Is it pale yellow to clear? If so, you are on the right track! If not, drink up. Carry your water bottle with you wherever you go!

Worried about going to the bathroom? 

You are suppose to go to the bathroom. When drinking the proper amount of water, you should find yourself visiting the bathroom about 6 -8 times a day. 

Need to jazz up your water? 

Add lemon, oranges, cucumbers, mint to make your water tasty. Last resort, one - two ounces of 100% natural juice with about 16 ounces of fresh clean water will also help.

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