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Exercising... even when you are not "feeling" it

We all have those mornings when we need and want to work out but we don't have the time or aren't feeling like working out for 30+ minutes. I had that feeling the other morning when getting back from coaching boot camp. I normally do the same work out I have my campers do as soon as I get home, but this morning I just wasn't feeling it.

So instead I turned unloading all the weights from my car into my work out. I started out with the 15lb dumbbells and as I took them from my car to the garage I did:

  • 10 squats
  • 10 biceps curls
  • 10 calf raises
  • 10 overhead presses

I then went back got the 12s, then 10s, 8s, and 5s repeating the same "circuit."

When I was done with that I walked with the family I live with to school. It was walk to school day for Drayton Hall. So I didn't necessarily get a hard-core work out in but I got a short work out in that was enjoyable for a day where I didn't really want to work out at all. Sometimes that's all we need every now and then and we shouldn't feel guilty about slacking but just enjoy the time.

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