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Transforming Intentional Food Consumption into...

Tyler Horne from James Island, SC shares her Transformation!

"My experience with the Gaia Fit Transformation was unbelievable. I've been a vegetarian for 13 years and thought I had a decent understanding of my body and nutritional needs. The Transformation literally did just that to my eating habits, transformed my intentional food consumption into healthy habits I depend on now.

My goals were simple: to re-center, feel better, and grasp a firmer understanding of my body and how it reacts and uses certain foods. I wasn't going to weigh or measure myself before the program but was persuaded to just to see how far I could go. I lost 6 pounds during the first week and half but decided not to weigh myself again because I felt like I had accomplished a lot already and knew I would never be content with any number in the end.

It's the small day-to-day seemingly small changes that have given me more energy, resulting in better moods and being able to get more accomplished throughout the day. I've cut down my gluten and dairy intake a lot; I never realized how much it affected my body negatively. It makes me extremely lethargic, makes me reach for a 'pick me up', then I crash and feel bloated and crummy.

I have so many good things to say about this, but I am so happy with my results from the 21 days I spent following Mary's program. It seems like such a huge hassle from the outside but it was easy once I got into the flow of things after the first few days. She makes everything foolproof: A group of people going through the same steps as you, same struggles and triumphs, and simple outlines to follow 

If you have the chance to hit a reset button and make a positive change to your lifestyle, do it."

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