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Colleen Committed And Began Her Transformation!

Colleen Healey, Middletown, NJ shares her Gaia Fit Transformation Program story! 

"I started the Transformation at the highest weight I’ve ever been since being 9 months pregnant.  I was tired all the time, uncomfortable, unmotivated, and feeling all around gross.  Slowly over the past year I did not work out as much as I used to and sometimes going weeks without working out.  Also I was not paying attention to what I was eating.  Not paying attention to myself. 

As a mom of 2 girls (7 years and 10 years) I am always motivated to be a good example for them but I fell off track.  Way off.  Over the last year I’ve been absorbed in building my business and did not spend enough time on myself.   The past year was filled with challenges from all areas in my life.

I turned 40 this summer and always pictured myself feeling fit and young at 40.  But my birthday came and went and I was still feeling gross. 

I couldn’t stand feeling like this any longer.  I remember seeing Mandy at a child’s birthday party that our kinders attended and she was so healthy looking, so happy, and encouraging.  She reminded me to focus on the positive things like the success of my business and not so much on the negative. Months went by before I did anything but I kept it in mind. 

So I decided I really needed to spend more time on myself and basically make myself feel better.  So I surrendered myself to the Transformation and doing anything that Mary said I should do for about 21 days. 

Did I mention that I am so lucky to have such wonderful supportive friends and workout buddies?  They never give up on me even when I lack the drive to workout.  I was getting encouraging texts and e-mails from my girls.  This was a great way to start.

I was blown away by how amazing I felt.  I did it all…the shakes, the vitamin’s, lemon water, etc.  I would text and e-mail Mary my questions.  If I couldn’t make the group calls I listened to the recordings.  By day 10 I lost 6.5 pounds and by day 18 it was 9.5 pounds!! Eventually I lost 10 pounds. But even better is how I was feeling.  I had energy and was not craving the normal junk food.  I’ll admit I missed wine and did sneak in a few glasses through this Transformation but jumped right back into it. 

My schedule has me running to different offices throughout the week and I found the Transformation very easy to manage with my schedule. 

I made mistakes in the Transformation but I just pushed along.  I’m so glad I did.  I feel great.  Now I’m throwing myself into the Food Plan and I’ll be honest…the whole portion thing scares me.  But like I tell my girls ….if it’s scary it’s probably something I should do."

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