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If I see another before and after ab shot...

or any close-up of someones abs for that matter!

OK. Lets get more specific. If you are working out, hanging out by the pool, sporting an awesome new outfit that reveals the abs, go for it! Be proud and confident of your body. However, if you are trying to sell me the hottest new workout system, weight loss program, healthy lifestyle program, please stop.

That picture of your before and after mid-section (that looked pretty good before and for many the before may be the after goal) only makes me want to eat a brownie (or two or three). Seriously, I am not joking here. No sarcasm inserted. 

I know you have great intentions and it will motivate some and yes, you should be proud of your success. You found something that worked for you. Important note is that it worked for you because you stuck to the plan and followed it. Most systems out there will "work" for those that follow it and stick to it. (Notice the quotes - they will work to help you lose weight. If you want to also talk about your health, I would question I a lot of them.)

My mission and philosophy is to help others create a healthy lifestyle balanced with good nutrition and regular exercise. If that brings you to a perfect six pack awesome. If that six pack is your goal, we will work to get there, but only in a positive and healthy way.

Better yet, If it brings you to better health, happiness, increased energy, self confidence then...


To be clear, I am not against before and after pictures. A good before and after picture says a thousand words more than the numbers on the scale and that mirror you look into and overanalyze every day. America as a whole is in trouble and needs to get to work on the obesity epidemic a.s.a.p. However, haven't we learned that we are going about it all the wrong way? That before and after ab picture most likely turns away the person that really could use your program.

Let's get America focusing on eating for health and energy (because guess what!? If they do, they will work towards reaching their ideal weight for optimal HEALTH).

Let's get America MOVING. Find what you love that moves you everyday. 

Let's lower the STRESS level.

Let's learn to LOVE ourselves as the unique awesome human being we are right now!

Let's LIVE!

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