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When Plan A Doesn't Work...

Sherri Rowan

Charleston's Year of Boot Camp Winner

Boy, summer has really flown by!

I have had a great summer of consistent workouts that I am looking forward to carrying into fall. I have made it my goal to get some kind of workout 6 days a week.

In past blogs I (and Mary) have talked about finding something that works for you and sticking to it. I have learned, though, that I have to be flexible with that idea, because things don’t go according to plan! For example, I try to plan my week with workouts at GaiaFit boot camp Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and sometimes Saturday) and then running on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Well . . . .then my work shift is changed, or I have a meeting or appointment during boot camp hour . . . or it’s just too dang hot to go for a run at my “scheduled” time.

And here’s where BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES comes in for me. I don’t know about anyone else, but I LIVE by my calendar. I can’t plan anything without it, and would lose my head if I lost my calendar. So when something gets in the way of a workout, I sit down with the calendar and SCHEDULE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!                 

I truly have gotten to the point that I feel lost without regular exercise. I feel so much stronger after a workout, I breathe more deeply, and feel less tired. Life is just better with exercise. J

Next goal: mastering the “no more than two starches a day” guideline...

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