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It is personal

I should be sleeping right now. Taking in some extra zzzz's. Instead, I woke up with the urge to tackle my to do list from marketing upcoming programs, polishing up the monthly Gaia Fit newsletter, mailing my new monthly Shaklee newsletters,  and finishing up the back to school to do list. The more I think it about it though, I am a little anxious, excited, disoriented...

Normally, I would be on my way to coach boot camp right now, but someone else is. I am a little disoriented. Can I actually start to tackle that to do list in a quiet sleepy house or should I go back to sleep? Since the birth of Gaia Fit in Charleston over 2 years ago, no one has ever taught a class for me. We have had different programs taught my others (amazing woman like Katherine and Renee) and I am not perfect. I have taken vacations and canceled classes, but it has always been me. The past two years have been focused on building a solid foundation. They have been round two of getting a business off the ground - working out the kinks, learning from the first time, learning you are always going to be learning. The list goes on of lessons that have been learned and will be learned.

It is exciting too! Gaia Fit was launched with the idea of it being not just about me and my health business. It was launched to be a home for others to grow their business. For two years, it has Mandy and I growing with each other and growing with our businesses. There were times I felt like we should have grown faster, learned some lessons faster, then their were times I felt like we were right where we should be. It feels right. It is time to grow now and build this strong holding place for fitness professionals to walk in and explode... explode their limitless business! I am beyond excited for Rebekah and the so many more to join!


to give Rebekah a brand and house for her business.

to provide Mandy with an ever-growing brand of support.

to see the growth in Gaia Fit.

to reach people far and wide with our programs.

to bring out the limitless potential in others.

to create a strong powerhouse in creating healthier lives.

to make an impact locally and globally with Gaia Gives.


To hear back from my present Gaia Fit family (some would say clients) on what they think and how they feel about the class they took this morning, the new things coming to Gaia Fit, what they want to see, and so much more.

It's personal.

I hate the word client. Anytime, I have had to label my boot campers or individuals that partake in personal training or nutrition as clients, it almost makes me cringe. The word client takes a lot of meaning out of it. Wether someone personal trains or takes a group program like boot camp or the Gaia Fit Transformation or Food Plan Challenge, it is extremely personal for me. They are trusting me with their health. At every class and every session, it matters to me how they feel when they walk away - on the inside and the outside. It goes deeper than words can explain. 

The last time I had this feeling is when I moved from New Jersey to South Carolina. I had worked with some people for over 8 years and some for just 6 months. It didn't matter how long I worked with them, it really mattered deep in my heart how they felt and how they transitioned - that they kept up with their journey of fitness and health and kept moving forward. Yet, I knew for many it was a good thing. Change and transition in life helps us learn. My goal and mission is to always provide people with the tools and educate them so they can create independence and a journey of health and fitness no matter what their circumstances are. We learn from it. We grow from it.

Today, has helped remind me of why I do what I do. The emotions today may be confusing, but they are good and positive. They are personal because I take my business personal and that is OK.

Now I wait with excitement to hear how todays class went and move forward with excitement with my Gaia Fit Sisters in Sweat, Mandy and Rebekah and open the doors for more amazing entrepreneurs to experience the beauty of Gaia Fit!

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