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Gaia Fit NJ Battles to Support GOTR

Not even torrential rain stopped 22 hungry boot campers from competing in Gaia Fit NJ's 1st Annual Battle of the Boot Camps on Saturday, August 2.  These 22 participants were committed to testing their athleticism and helping Gaia Give to Girls On The Run.  They competed as partners in 6 grueling challenges: A Pull-Up and Burpee Ladder, Push-Up AMRAP, Tag Team Squat Jumps, Tag Team Burpees w/ Step Up, Suicide Relay and a Wall Sit w/ Static Dumbell Raise.  Just when they thought it was over, soaked from sweat and rain, they had to duke it out for bonus points in a single elimination Tug of War tournament.  An hour and a half later, everyone had a great workout (most sore for days), a great time (we couldn't have laughed more especially during Tug of War) and raised $305 for GOTR.  

In my eyes, they were all winners - we showed up and raised money to help fund a fitness-based program that empowers young girls.  But, they wouldn't be athletes if they didn't want to know just how they measured up against their competitors.  Thanks to the support of local businesses such as Amy Dykstra from Reve SalonRoad Runner SportsFreshica's Juice Bar, and Tavolo Pronto, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams walked away with great prizes and major bragging rights.  We congratulated our winners: Shari Keselman and her daughter, Hallie (1st Place), Rosemary and Ally Grippo, another mother-daughter team (2nd Place), and Jill Famula and Cheryl Goodlow (3rd Place).  These top finishers would be huge contributors to their boot camp's cumulative score.  So it's no surprise that Shari Keselman led her 9:00 a.m. boot camp class to victory.  With the help of 2 other great teams, the 9:00 a.m.class was afforded the opportunity to opt out of an exercise of their choice for 2 weeks. 

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