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Making a Come Back


Our check in with our South Carolina year of boot camp winner...

Sherri Rowan, SC

I’m so excited to be back to boot camp!

I was finally able to start coming back to classes in June, but it was slow-going at first.  During my first couple of weeks back, I wasn’t able to run or jump, and flexing my foot for pushups and lunges was a little tricky, since the large joint of my big toe was still pretty stiff and immobile.  So there was LOTS of modification going on, and I even got amused at some of the things we came up with to make sure I got the most out of the workout.  It just goes to show you, there’s NO EXCUSE for not getting moving!

As I was getting stronger, I counted the days until I could start to run again, which was my passion and sole workout before I found GaiaFit.  I have been back to running for almost a month, and fighting the heat, I am slowly working my way back to the pace and distances I was running before my surgery.  I am determined to push past even that, and have found that my biggest challenge has been being patient with myself.  I owe Mary and GaiaFit a lot for the encouragement along the way, when I’m less than patient with myself, and when I am moving slow some days and I get the ol’ “let’s go, Sherri!!”

I have learned to make small goals for myself every week, and then celebrate when I reach them.  I know we all learn those things, but sometimes forget them.  I think the trick is to find whatever works for you to STICK WITH IT. 

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