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I Have Stretch Marks

Today's post was inspired by a quick morning stroll through the Facebook newsfeed. 

There has been a list making it's round and I LOVE it!

10 Things Every Mom Needs to Remember this Summer

Even if you are not a mom, read it. Take it in. Soak it up.

Reading the top 10 list today gives me a much different feeling than if I read it 7 years ago - even 5 years ago. Two kids later and busting through spandex while pregnant working in a health club will do that to you. It will either have you running for deep cover or it will allow you to say screw it.

In my booty shorts challenge a year ago, I shared some of my body image issues. My silly issues of why I despised wearing shorts for at least 30 years of the past almost 36 years. Well subtract the first 14 years. From teens through adult hood, I never embraced my body. I never loved it. There was always a part that I was self conscious about.

It is exhausting even thinking about the many different ways, I learned how to take the cover up off on the beach. Or how about the different ways you can position yourself on the beach towel? Just how to pull and tuck and walk down the beach (not run because that will cause way too much skin, errr fat movement.)

If I can sit down and have a talk with that 14 year old girl or that 24 year old woman, what would I say?

I would be straight up... Get over it! You are missing out on life. You are missing this present moment hanging with your friends and family because you are too darn worried about how you look. You are what you believe. What you believe comes from the inside not the outside. 

I am not sure when the first day was that I discovered them, but it was way before babies and at some point in college when I started loosing the um, err freshman 25ish? (That might have just happened in the first semester. No exaggeration. Just ask my brothers who tried to be nice about it, but sarcasm overrides all that in my family and my mother who had to take me shopping for new cloths that christmas when I realized I went up about 4 clothing sizes.) 

Stretch marks.

Yep. Just the thing a girl already "loving" her thighs needs right. Beautiful red and purple indented lines running across her inner thighs. 

Then I had kids and slowly with time and maturity. I got over it. I can sit and obsess about what I am wearing and how I look or I can throw something on and be with my children. Really be with them. Nothing like being on the beach and bending over in a bathing suite with your toddler and 3 year old digging a sand castle. You stop caring and start having fun. 

I am happy to say that now I can look down at those slightly faded purple lines and smile. Smile at the memories. The memories of entering adulthood and being wild, crazy and free. The good times, the bad times, the lessons learned on the transition into adulthood. They have helped shape me into who I am today and I wouldn't give that up for the world. 

It is about that guy above. His brother and him and simply believing.

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