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Making Lemonade with a Bike

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Right!?

In my new focus and attempt to heal my running feet and legs, I have found myself becoming hyper aware of every move and every tingle. It is a good thing, but an annoying thing. 

What I have learned thus far:

1. I need to keep this stretching up because my calf muscles have years of knots in them.

2. I need to back off running for a little bit. Even running around the block or the warm-up with class gets my feet cranky.

3. I use feet and calves interchangeably because on my body right now they are both cranky and playing off each other.

4. I miss running and will go back to it for sure, but in order to do that. I need to slow down (and stop).

5. I was craving an alternative cardiovascular exercise.

Before we moved to Charleston, I worked in a health club. I had access to every piece of equipment possible. I was always much more of a weights girl; however, my workouts always including spurts of some type of cardio response. From the treadmill, rower, stair climber, the actual stairs, kettle bells, bikes and pool. Some of them I enjoyed more than others, but I always changed up my mode of cardiovascular exercise. This allowed me to run.

So I had my brief pity party and then I got over it.

I live in a neighborhood with a pool - um 2 pools. I can swim. check

I already kettlebell and burpee. ;-) check

Spin? Let's try out spin again! I finally got excited. It took a while to find a place that was more traditional to spin (not a personal fan of all that movement on and off and push-ups etc on the bike) AND a place that actually had more than one class a week that I could get to.

Believe it or not, I actually taught spin. I loved it. Getting back on the bike was great and it was just what I needed. I wanted to just go. Just go and let my mind and body work. You know that feeling a lot of you get when you run!? I didn't want to hurt. When I say hurt, I was tired of the pain. The muscle kind of fatigue and burn, bring it. I love that. That is just what I got. Check!

The healing has taken the next step. I can get my spin on, weight lift, and bust my boot camp circuit out. 

I am not going far running. I'll be back better, stronger and fitter than ever. ;-)

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