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A Family That Works Out Together, Stays Together

Nearly one year ago next month, a woman named Amy found Gaia Fit Boot Camp.  After her first class, Amy told me she loved the class and "warned" me that she had a lot of family members who she believed would enjoy the program as much as she did.  Little did I know that I'd be so lucky to have almost the entire family eventually join us. . .  The next early morning class, Amy brought her cousins Ally and Madeline.  That Saturday, Ally, Amy, and Madeline brought Amy's mom, Nancy, and Ally's mom, Rosemary.  A few months later these five were followed by Ally's sister, Rosemarie, and Nancy and Rosemary's other two sisters, Virginia and Christine.  I've even had the pleasure of having Ally's fiance, Brian, and Madeline's boyfriend, Chris, join us for a class.

I'm envious of this fabulous family.  Even if my family lived nearby, I'm not sure I could convince all of them to workout with me.   And that's probably because they don't know what the Wimmershoff family knows about exercising together.  It's a great way to see each other, catch up, compete against your sister/daughter/cousin, stay fit and healthy together, motivate each other, inspire one another and laugh together (they tell me that when they get together outside of class boot camp provides some great laughs).  This family brings true meaning to Gaia Fit's goal to form bonds as Sisters in Sweat.  And I consider myself so lucky to have met them, have them as such positive and fun energy in classes, and experience the strong bond they all share.

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