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June Boot Camper of the Month, Charleston

Wanda Horne

James Island, SC

With my grown children and 2 grandchildren along with the approach of my 55th birthday in September prompted me to look for something to help me get back into shape and start eating healthier.  I saw a Gaia Fit Living Social deal and thought I'd give it a try.  Not working out and eating poorly had me overweight and feeling tired all of the time.  I hit the panic button when I had to go to my first class and wondered if I had made a mistake by signing up for a boot camp when I hadn't worked out in almost 2 years!   I was a bit worried about whether or not I could complete all of the exercises in the program but Mary assured me I could work at my own level and I started my journey.  After 7 months of Boot Camp I have worked myself through the challenges of the program and and have started eating healthier with the help of the Gaia Fit Food Journal.  What a difference eating the right kind of foods in the right proportions does for a body!   The once dreaded wake-up at 5:15 has turned into a routine and I still hit my three times a week challenge for myself.  My son joined me when he came home from college for the summer and now my daughter has also joined as the healthy kick has set in for us all!  Thanks to Mary and Gaia Fit for helping me work through the program and overcome many obstacles that have prospered into a healthier me!! I still have a long road ahead but I now know that it is not impossible! I encourage everyone, young and old, to jump on the Gaia Fit train!

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