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Sometimes we need a reset

Since focusing on stretching and rehabilitating my little feet and calves this month, I have had some ups and downs. You will notice there are some days I might have skipped the blog post. Well, on those days, my positive energy was not quite all there. The feet hurt more than they have in a while and the calves were tight little balls of knots. 

I am very aware that my emotions effect my eating patterns. There are times I can keep it in check and find other outlets, but sometimes not so much.

Confession time: My eating patterns have been way off the past week and I can feel it - physically and mentally. Before it gets to far, I must help myself get back on track. 

We have been working on our nutrition programs with Gaia Fit and trying to bring cohesiveness with them. We have a great Transformation program that acts more as a reset and cleanse and our Food Plan Challenge that helps with balancing meals and portions. Shaklee also plays a huge roll with both programs in providing the supplemental nutrients that we may not be getting from our food. After some researching and analyzing of both of these programs, I have a plan of how to bring the two together. Perfect timing for my major slip ups this past week.

Today is day one of the revised Gaia Fit Transformation. I know this will not only help me refocus, but will also help the inflammation my body is producing which is not helping my injury.

The first time I followed the Transformation, I was rehabbing a broken wrist. It was amazing how quickly the swelling went down and my range of motion it increased. I credit it a lot to following the Transformation. 

So if you see me fidgeting or drinking water like no one's business over the next 3 days, please give me a high five and a you can do it. Us health coaches need a little hoorah sometimes too. ;-)


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