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Stop Reacting


Do you start your day reacting?

I didn't think I did until I read a short article from Business Insider. One of the recommendations from the article, 6 Subtle Things Highly Productive People Do Every Day was to NOT check your email in the morning. WHAT!? Are you crazy!? That is the first thing I do (except on Sundays) before I get out of bed!

What if... ? What if... what? But I can't miss an important email. Right!?

Yesterday, my alarm goes off. I grab my phone (a.k.a. my alarm) and start checking my email and... start my day reacting.

Reacting to other people's requests. My brain starts reacting to what other people need throwing my whole to do list and plan of action for the day off. Fortunately, this article was fresh in my head and I became very aware of what I was doing and how it changed my entire mood and movement throughout the day. It was too late. But I tried to stay conscience of it throughout the entire day. 

Last night, as I was winding down from the day some graphics popped up on a similar topic about how to start your day off to success. I cannot find the source this morning, but I believe it was from Entrepreneur

I made a decision to start today off differently. I checked my email for that last time before I went to bed and will check it once I get my day started properly and set the tone right! So far, I found my morning ride to boot camp focused on class and walking myself through the day - setting a play of action. I am sure I will check my email soon, but to be honest, I feel so much better already. I feel much more in control of how my day will go today.

Let's see if we can keep this up and how it will effect business,life, family, relationships!



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