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Battle of Electronics


You call their name once, twice, three times. Each time getting a little louder. By the fifth (if you have made it that far), it is loud and you are about five feet from them. They calmly look up as if it is the first time you called them, "Yes, Mom?" The corner of one eye still staring at the screen. The battle of electronics just go more interesting. Television. iPads. Computers. Video Games. The list will just grow longer as they get older.

We set up a system and some guidelines and boundaries when we introduced video games into the mix. There are days the system works with perfection. Most days, there is struggle. It is the never ending game of finding balance. The random blurb from that mom that knows everything and will shout her opinion from the rooftop judging and calling other parents irresponsible for doing things a certain way. I am pretty good at laughing and shrugging things off; however, there are times when I want to share my choice of words with that mom. I refrain. We all have to find what works best for our children, our family, our lifestyle. I refrain from casting judgement on another parents decisions because they are doing what works best for their family. It is not right or wrong. It is just different. And those are great lessons for our children.

But I struggle. I struggle daily. I know there is no such thing as the perfect balance. But I also worry. Is it because I have read too many studies on the effects any type of electronics has on the brain development of a child? Is it the countless fitness and nutrition books referencing electronic time to the present obesity epidemic we are facing?

I write this not for advice. I guess I write it to just vent and I know I cannot be alone. I also write it as a reminder to myself to take a deep breath and approach each situation as it comes. It is not worth going crazy over - that is not healthy either right!? ;-)

Here is to taking it one day at a time in the wild world of electronics and the quest of raising healthy children!

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