I ate a donut today!

Posted on June 06, 2014 by Mary Patterson

No, really. I did! It is National Donut Day! 

Today, I am going to fill you in a little secret we share with all of our clients.


No, not on your significant other. Cheat on your food. Cheat three whole times a week. 

Enjoy every moment of it. Savor every bite. Guilt Free!

One thing that goes wrong when starting a new eating program wether it is for health or weight loss is the all or nothing attitude. The can and can't mentality. We all claim it works right!? We go hard. Some of us can even go hard for a full week or two or even a full month. The ever so popular 21 days because we are going to break the bad habits!! We do it and then at the end, we cannot wait to have that cheat. That major cheat and we go hard at everything we have "deprived" ourselves us over the past 3 weeks.

(Side note: If any of you have really ever been able to break a habit in just 21 days, I want to hear from you! )

Stop the madness. Take a deep breathe. Let's look to make some real change. Change to last a lifetime!

Allow yourself 3 cheat meals spread through out the entire week. 

I want at least one of them to be a full, non-guilt, get what you want meal.

One rule though (well maybe two):

1. They cannot all be in one day.

2. It cannot be a binge fest.

You know when you come back from that vacation or even just that weekend of splurging and fun and you shout from the roof tops...

That is it! On Monday, no more. All clean eating. No more alcohol. No more sugar. No more....

Monday comes. You start off with a clean breakfast. You fight yourself through lunch and by 3pm (if you make it that far), you say screw it! Tomorrow!

It is hard to rebound from a full day of bad habits. Your body craves what you have been feeding it. It does not want to go through the cleansing process.

The binge fest is a slightly different story. This is about the mind set and emotion attached to it. I must eat it all so it is gone and not around tomorrow. I have been there way to many times! You don't even enjoy what you are consuming and it is not about the food. The best part: you end up on the couch, floor or bed stuffed to the brim and drifting off into a deep sleep hoping you will wake up feeling better without the feeling of wanting to throw up. However, you just wake up feeling like crap.

Stop the madness. Enjoy the experience. Savor every bite of that burger or chocolate cake (or for my Jersey friends, every bite of that taylor ham, egg and cheese on a round roll), and every sip of that wine. 

Slow down. Enjoy the moment. When you put this into practice, you will know the why.

The next meal, back on track to all the nutritious goodness that fuels your health, body, and spirit!


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