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Adding Ice

As I play around with different techniques to work out my calves (and the entire body), I have become very aware of every knot from my toes to my head!

In just a short couple of days, I have learned that you can roll with a lacrosse ball and foam roller too much (ouch!) and that there is no one right way for any body. Funny thing is I already knew this. It is a lot easier to guide someone else in the healing and health process then it is to guide yourself. So the trick is asking myself the leading questions I would normally as someone else.

How is that working for you?

How does it feel?

How long did you do that for?

How did you feel after?

Did you ice?

Hmmmm, Did I ice?

I did once and I have to say it did help relax my lower body which does not like to relax at all. Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers on icing methods research and some don't even believe in icing. For me...  I know it has made me relax and feel a little better. I skipped it yesterday and my shins hurt more than they have in a couple of months. There are other factors that can play into this, but the pain is enough for me to make the decision to add ice into this new daily routine. (In addition to easing up and being a little more soft on the foam rolling and lacrosse ball ;-)

Sometimes, it is not about what the research says. Listen to your body. Pay attention.

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