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Don't just dream

Pinch me because I am dreaming.

We just purchased our home. Not a house. Our home.

We sat on our porch last night reflecting and laughing on how we got to this point, this house, this community, this home. 

It all started with a dream and the courage to take the steps to make it happen. Most important, It was really the trust we held within each other. My husband will tell anyone and everyone who will listen that he chose this house and I hated it. He will also tell you, he made me come to Charleston and I refused to go. Truth is, I was scared. We were leaving everything we knew. I was ready for an adventure and to give it a go, but I was cautious. After a short year, the house hunting began. We had a home in New Jersey still being rented while we rented another home in South Carolina. I kept thinking and saying, "Why are we looking? We are not ready to purchase anything. Stop wasting Casey's (the best realtor by the way) time. After we sell our home in New Jersey. We have to be patient." There were times that I would refuse to look at homes with him. Well, in the end, I would cave and go anyway. If he was going to go anyway, I couldn't miss out. Right!?

Negotiating started on this home. It was a challenging one and we attempted a lease to purchase option. "Crazy", I thought. During the fun process of back and forth, we hit that point it was time to stop and walk away. It was at this point I got one of those deep gut feelings.

Wait, no! This can't be over! This home is ours! This is our home we are meant to raise our children in. They will remember it forever.

Rational side sets in. Mary, you are being silly.

Long story, short. negotiating continued. We have lived in the the home for a full year renting and today we closed. It is now our home! 

In my heart, it is our forever home. I know life will throw curve balls at us. It has in the past. I know we will do all we can to fight the good fight and live the good life right here in this home. If the curve ball is too big and life has to take another spin, I will remember this home forever and I will learn from the trust, the dream, the hard work and steps we took to get right here. And I know we will do it again if we have to.

But at this moment. This house is home. It is our forever home. 

I feel lucky. I can say, I have two homes. The one my parents created and worked hard to create for me when I was a child and the one my husband and I will work hard and create for our children!

Never underestimate that little voice that comes from deep inside your heart! 

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