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Blog a Day, Stretch a Day

June is here and in the south that means...

School is out for summer!

This is both exciting and terrifying for me.

Lazy days of summer! Days at the pool or the beach. No rushing to pack lunches to get everyone off to school. No watching the clock and getting as much as possible done before the 2:45 bell rings.


For a household with two people that work from home, this also means children, noise, distractions around all the time. Dad locking himself in the office and requesting long bouts of quiet (um, we have two boys!?) and Mom working with the kids present and sneaking in work time whenever a moment presents itself. (Thank goodness for wifii at the pool, lifeguards, and kids who can swim on their own!)

The balance between enjoying summer activities with the kids and staying on top of business fun begins.

I do best with structure and challenge. To kick off this summer, I decided to challenge myself with two things:

1. Write a blog a day

2. Stretch and foam roll the calves every day (at least one 15 minute session per day) 

Two very different goals and only slightly related to "work."

They are each things I want to work on for self and professional growth. You will learn more about why throughout this month.  

Most important, they are two goals and challenges that will provide discipline and structure within my day. Let's see if this works in striking the balance in the summer fun!

psst... If I miss a day, please call me out on it!

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