gaia fit journal

Jen shares her 1 year experience of Gaia Fit Boot Camp

"Gaia Fit Boot Camp has been such a positive influence on my life over the past year.  Mary has taught me that you can not overcome a poor diet.  You need balance in your life, and unfortunately, there is no magic pill."

Jennifer Green, SC


Average Classes Attended:  

2 classes per week

Mary made it easy to stay motivated with a unique workout every time.

Performance Improvement:  

One of the best indicators for improved fitness and health is a low resting heart rate.  My resting heart rate on 11/28/2012 was 60 and one year later it was 52.

Nutritional Improvement:  

I still have a long way to go.  I have learned if I want my kids to eat healthier, then I must eat healthier.  I now choose organic meats & dairy and products with few ingredients.

Short Term Goals:
1. Start everyday with lemon water
2. Only eat out 2x per month or less
3. Eat clean 85% of the time
4. 5 pull ups without help of bands
5. 15 Tricep push-up on toes

Long Term Goals:
1. Run the Disney Dopey Challenge at age 40
2. Run the FL Ragnar Relay
3.  Hike the Grand Canyon with my kids
4. Age well so I will be able to play on the floor with my grandchildren
5. Continue to make healthier lifestyle changes - one step at a time

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