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Be An Informed Consumer

I am asked almost daily about different products, companies and programs in the health and fitness industry. Sometimes, I have a very clear opinion on a brand and other times, I am honest and open and have to do more research. There is ALOT out there! 
I have always promised myself, friends, family and clients that even though I am proudly and confidently partnered with the Shaklee Corporation, I would always do my research and due diligence on products they ask about and new products and services on the market.
When it comes to supplements all I can say is Holy Cow! There is a lot out there! And to be honest a lot of crap and people selling you a bill of goods. This is why I choose to lead with EDUCATION. If I can inform and empower you with the information and tools you need to make an informed decision, hopefully, you can and will. 
Why do I say hopefully? Did I say Holy Cow! There is a lot out there. AND boy do they know how to suck even the smartest people I know in with marketing and gimmicks and promises. I am not about the fluff which often makes my job a little harder, but I have learned when people are ready to listen and really listen, they will figure out the right path for them.
Think beyond your multivitamin. The term supplement refers to your other favorite products - fish oil, probiotics, meal replacement and protein powders. 
So how do we figure this all out and get through the fluff. Don't be afraid to ask questions and more if you need to.
Also think beyond the present solution or remedy you are looking for. Weight loss is the easiest and most popular example. Go beyond the Will you lose weight question. This is your health we are talking about. Losing all that weight isn't going to do you any good when the products are wreaking havoc on your health. Sometime you may not feel and see right away, but give it time. Headaches can be another example. I know you want it gone now, but if you keep treating the symptom and never figure out the problem, you end up in this endless cycle.
Here are my top 4 Questions that easily narrow down the huge market out there.
  1. Are there artificial colorants, sweeteners or preservatives? Immediately say no or put it back on the shelf if they have any artificial ingredients. There is no need for a product to get flavoring or color from an artificial sweetener or food dye. 
  2. Is the vitamin food-sourced or syntheticBe careful of the word natural. A product can say natural and only be 10% natural. Your body is smart. It wants what is real and what nature can provide it. 
  3. Does the vitamin disintegrate quickly enough to be bioavailable for your cells? There is a simple and easy test for this when it comes to vitamins. Put the tablet in water. How long does it take to break down. It should not be more than 10 minutes. 
  4. Is high heat used in processing? This kills enzyme life. This is even and very important for your protein and meal replacement products. Ask how the protein source (of any kind) was processed. 
Now we have many products eliminated right away from those top four, but we still have some pretty solid ones left. Which ones are worth your dollar and will have the best impact on your health and life. Continue with the following questions. These are a bit harder to get answers to and you may send people digging, but they should be willing to dig and research and find the proper answers for you and them. And not just an answer that talks in circles and says the question is nonsense. Get the question answered.
  1. Does the manufacture do scientific research on the actual product and who does the study? Are they testing the actual juice or using a study on the same berry used in the juice. Big difference here. The synergy and quality of ingredients are what enter your body. 
  2. Does the supplement have toxic metals? If they are following question one properly, they can answer this question. 
  3. Does the supplement have what it should have and have what is on the label? This also follows question one in this section. Processing and manufacturing a product should be done to keep the quality and purity of the ingredients ready and bio-available for your body for it's entire shelf life. 
  4. Where are the ingredients sourced from? Different countries have different standards on herbicide and pesticide use. When it comes from nature and out of the ground, you take what comes along with it. If you are taking something in supplement form, again, you want purity in tact. 


You will learn a lot by asking these questions and it will provide you the knowledge to make the best choice for you and your family. 


The dream is real. There are amazing possibilities and options out there with many health companies, but don't allow yourself to be sold a bill of goods on your hunt for the right choices for you and your loved ones. 

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